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William Ackerman ~ "Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit"

William Ackerman ~ “Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit”

A valued friend shared his thoughts on Periscope yesterday as he does most days now, chatting specifically about being, and honouring ourselves as extraordinary creative beings. For me this was a timely reminder that when I see myself as anything less, my Heart feels palpably heavier, distracted, disoriented, disconnected from Source and basically sad. I know that over time, particularly during my early childhood years I’ve been exceptionally aware of my capacity to manipulate spaces and influence others around me, by thought, the state I choose to relate in,  the energy (currency) I transact with, what I say or refrain from saying, what I do or don’t do, when I engage or merely observe.

Reflecting on his words yesterday, I realize that I still revert back to ‘old’ thoughts and response behaviour that would in certain situations have protected me physically emotionally energetically, and aligned me back in Spirit. Though I’m more aware and ‘flick the switch to joy’ almost immediately now, the times in my life I’ve felt were the most emotionally debilitating, are the times I know I’ve withdrawn into myself through fear based belief of some particular consequence based on my perceptions of past experience I call memories. With all this in mind, I now intuitively seek moments, experiences and spaces of Peace and connectedness.
When, as I am now, I am away from ‘home’, I claim/ allocate time for immersing myself in energy that nurtures my Heart. Lately this has included listening to Acoustic New Age Radio on Pandora, allowing me to enjoy and appreciate the creative inspiration of the artist, as an alternative to fathoming someone’s mood or story in lyrics.
The past few days I’ve been captivated by a piece of music called “Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit”, as William Ackerman skillfully and emotively guides me on a transcendental journey on strings. Did he know when he penned this music it would add value to my life in this moment? I trust he was beckoned to pick up his pen and guitar and trust the process to allow this masterpiece to emerge…..

As the music concludes and I return to conscious presence, has my world stalled? No. Yet as I re-engage with my reality from a vantage point of total appreciation, my view of my world is optimized and refreshed, and aligned in a vibration of flow and what else is possible. Certain Music, Art, elements of Nature, groupings of words,  are for me a bridge between sadness and joy, and I love that they find me when I’m open to meeting them wherever I am on the planet.

Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit